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Study Guide: Work, A Divine Principle | June 2018

Study Guide: Work, A Divine Principle | June 2018

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Hello friends,

Can you believe we’re already in the sixth month of 2018? In January, we reviewed all that we learned and experienced last year and renewed our commitment to progress throughout this year. In February, we sought diligently to find purpose in Christ. Throughout March, we took time to focus on holiness, which gave us extra strength for our efforts to grow faith in April. May found us giving special attention to families—the grand and eternal family of God, earthly families, and our divine nature as children of God. What an incredible year we have had so far! 

June is one of my favorite months of the year, and I feel especially lucky this year to get to focus on the ever-important principle of work. Work may not be the most glamorous or exciting topic, but it lays the foundation for everything that matters in life. Our first parents, Adam and Eve, were refined, tested, tried, and blessed beyond measure with the burden of work. Physical labor builds more than just skill and muscle, it builds character.

Additionally, throughout the ages disciples of Christ have come to know: living a Christ-centered life requires work. 

This month’s study guide has three sections: 

Creation over Consumption

Work: In the Savior’s Words, and 

In Wisdom and Order.

As always, we would love to hear from you as you work through the guide. Please direct message us or tag us @thesmallseed or #nourishtheseed and share your thoughts and insights. We love you and look forward to studying with you this month! 

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Megan Grant

Megan Grant is the Study Guide Editor for The Small Seed. A wife, mom of three, and erstwhile attorney, she is on a quest to create a joyful life sustained by grace and the power that comes through obedience. 

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June's Theme — Work, A Divine Principle

June's Theme — Work, A Divine Principle