Small Seed Radio Podcast—It’s Launch Day!

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A podcast has been a long time coming around here, don't you think?! Today we are excited to launch Small Seed Radio—a small, but mighty, labor of love that we feel inspired to take on and hope you’ll join us! (Find all the nitty gritty details here)

As we've been thinking about what we want to do and how we want to move forward into the future here at Small Seed, one thing has remained constant and that is creating conversation that leads women on our team and community to transform their lives in Christ.

Those conversations have been happening through study guides, blog posts, creating traditions and sharing on social media. A podcast has always felt like a natural expansion for many reasons…the first being that we are all podcast lovers here! Second, we know that the modern disciple is busy and on-the-go and we love that podcasts can go with you.

We look forward to providing this amazing Small Seed community with inspiring conversations on how to live your faith and in-depth discussions about God's Word and various gospel topics—adding more faith to your life with less fuss over perfection and to-do lists. Be sure to check out our show topics below, or our Episodes & Show Notes page for all episodes and details. Or, simply find us on the major podcast apps/sites!

Each Wednesday you can expect a new episode!
our show topics will fall under these categories...

Faith-based family interviews where we dig in with a family and share what they are doing to infuse their lives with faith

Interviews with individuals where we will chat about how they create patterns of faith in their personal life

Here’s where we dig into the scriptures and all sorts of topics that can help us grow closer to God

This is your go-to for resources that streamline gospel living, and where we also share practical tips, ideas, and products that we love

We really do believe that planting small seeds help us all grow great faith. We hope that by continuing on this path of discipleship together we can inspire and uplift each other as we become the women of God we were meant to be!


krista horton

Small Seed Podcast Editor