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Light the World: Healing Others | Lizzy Jensen

There are certainly times for healing. But it seems like more often in this life—whether for our education, the education of others, or just because this is mortality—we have to work through hard things. Certainly the Savior came to earth, and eventually died, to heal us. But didn’t He also come to teach us how to show compassion and care for others in their suffering as well?

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Flooded With Gratitude: 4 Lessons I Learned By Losing Everything

It was the summer of 2010 when I was awoken at 3 am by a loud crash and the sound of my little sister screaming. I ran downstairs and saw three feet of muddy, murky water in my family room with more rushing in by the second. I calmed my sister down and we quickly saved what we could. Her journal, scriptures, and a few pictures. Everything else was ruined.

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Jen Sattley

Word quietly leaked out to friends that a donor was needed. Within days, more than 30 individuals stepped forward and offered to undergo the difficult, painful surgery for me. It is indescribable to express what it feels like when you are so helpless, and can do nothing for yourself and angels steps forward and say, “I will do that for you,” which in this case translates to, “I will save your life.”

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