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Earning Our Children's Trust Through Our Own Obedience

Perhaps the best known story in the Old Testament about obedience comes from Genesis 22, where Abraham the patriarch is commanded to offer his birthright son Isaac for a sacrifice to God. We rightly regard Abraham with respect, even awe that anyone could be so loyal to such a difficult commandment. Truly, Abraham is a great example of trusting God to the point of absolute obedience.

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Exciting Things at The Small Seed

When we stop to think about it, obedience should be one of the most thrilling words in the Christian vocabulary, because it is through obedience that we unlock all of God’s blessings! It is by obedience—or living true to the things God asks of us—that we're allowed to live in freedom from the world, and have revealed to us our true nature and abilities. Obedience allows us to become who we really are.

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