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Embracing Grace in Motherhood: Ruth Simons

Motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint. Dirt and dust, accidents, crying, messy diapers, and dishes will not cease at the end of the day. We so often act like we can overcome these inconveniences of daily living in one fell it is somehow possible to so accurately manage the unpleasantries of working in the home that we might never have to tackle those things again.

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Embracing Grace in Motherhood: Ashley Nicholes

I pleaded for strength and hope. Could I really do this motherhood thing as I had so convinced myself when I was pregnant? Did this whole screaming child, dirty house, sleepless nights thing have to be my life as a mom? I prayed for what felt like hours. I asked Heavenly Father for inspiration. I begged Him to show me a way to grow in this new calling.

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Embracing Grace in Motherhood: Jessica Poe

Those very tasks on our ‘To Do’ lists, those very ordinary moments in our mothering, are designed to point to Him. Yes, our tasks and chores are personalized and intentional—not to haunt but to point heavenward. The errands and efforts that fill our days contain spiritual lessons and heaven-sent love notes that help us discover Christ.

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