December 29, 2020

5 Principles to Change your Life: Principle #1

5 Principles to Change your Life: Principle #1

This week we’re leading up to New Year’s, a time where resolutions and change seem to be in the air. 

A few years ago I realized I had written down the same resolution for 7 YEARS STRAIGHT. I was crushed. How frustrating that in 7 years I hadn't made any progress! 

So I decided that my only resolution that year would be to study and learn about how to make real change. This week I'm going to share the results of that study, and 5 Principles for Real Change that have changed my life and discipleship.


A few years the resolution that had evaded me for year after year was to lose 10 lbs. Now understand me, I worked out a lot, I even signed up for an app to religiously track what I ate, but typically after a few months of huge effort and some weight loss, I’d go right back to where I was. Until one day, almost by accident, I came upon a health and weight loss meditation.

The author began by inviting us to listen to the meditation for 21 days straight and see what happened. So I did. As I listened to affirmations like, “I love my heathy lifestyle”, and “good health is my nature”, I had one of the biggest aha moments of my life.

I became aware of my own thoughts.

Before the meditation, my mind had been a tornado of thoughts like, “Eating healthy all the time is really hard for me”, and “I can’t do this forever”, and “I’m not one of those healthy people.” I realized that I had been like a farmer who consistently planted potatoes and hoped to get corn. I was planted thoughts about being unhealthy, and hating a healthy lifestyle.. and expected those thoughts to somehow lead to a happy healthy lifestyle.

After the listening to the healthy lifestyle affirmation meditation for more than 21-days, and really believing those thoughts, I naturally started changing how I thought about food and my body.

The 10 lbs slowly left. But even better than that, I wasn’t obsessing about food or weight. My mind was at peace. It was a miracle!

Do you realize that God has given you the power and the freedom to choose what you think, and the way you think determines your choices and attitudes? You might want to read that again. Who we are is determined by what we think. So to change any behavior we must start by changing our thoughts.

Don’t believe me? Listen to what God has said about this: “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he” Proverbs 23:7. Powerful right?

So how do we change our thoughts? Here are 3 steps that have helped me.

3 Steps to Change Your Thoughts and Life:

  1. Recognize your current thoughts about a behavior you want to change.

    Maybe your desired behavior is to have more scripture study in your life, but your thought pattern is “I don’t have enough time”, or “I’m a busy mom”, or “I just don’t understand the scriptures”.

  2. Brainstorm and determine what thoughts you want to have.

    Is it “I love being in my scriptures” or “I have time enough for the things that are most important to me”, or “I love how I feel when I connect to God”

  3. Replace your old thoughts with new thoughts you want to think.

    One way I practice these new thoughts is through meditation and affirmations. For those of you who have been using our Christian Meditation App, you know how powerful thought training is! Record yourself saying these new affirmations, place them up on your walls or someplace you’ll see them regularly, or set time aside to repeat them to yourself.

How will you apply Principle #1 to a behavior you want to change in 2021? I’d love to hear! 

Love and Faith,