August 24, 2022

Make this school year the BEST. YEAR. EVER.

Make this school year the BEST. YEAR. EVER.

First grade is a big deal, especially for a little girl who thought half-day Kindergarten was "sooooo long". Each time we brought up first grade, tears welled up in her eyes and she asked questions and made requests like... "Mom, how many hours will I be away from you?", "Can I just do a half day of first grade?", "Maybe you can come get me for lunch everyday."

It broke my heart. As I thought about it one night I realized that the story she was playing in her mind was that first grade was scary and really long. I decided to help her create a new story that she could repeat to help her change the emotion she was feeling about school.

I asked her, "If you could choose one feeling or word for school, what would it be?" We got creative and thought of all kinds of words, but she landed on the word "brave".

Then I asked her, “What kinds of things might you have to do to feel brave?” We came up with all kinds of actions and activities that she could do to feel brave.

Then I asked her, “What kinds of things would stop you from feeling brave?” We brainstormed a list of things and what she could do to overcome those things.

Then we added the secret sauce...meditation. I created a meditation for her to use so that she could imagine herself being brave at school. She truly created a new internal dialogue about school.

I was amazed at the transformation! When the first day of school came, she excitedly went to school with a happy wave and a huge smile.

As a mother who felt her fear right along with her, this experience was amazing. So amazing that we did it with each of our kids!

We want you to experience it too!

We’ve created a free journaling worksheet and meditation for you. A way you can connect with your children and prepare them to have the BEST YEAR YET. You can use the worksheet, or simply use the questions as a conversation guide. Then find the meditation on the free and featured section of the Small Seed Still App.