September 12, 2022

Plant the things you want to grow

Plant the things you want to grow

You’ll never grow something you don’t plant.

A photo similar to this one caught my eye on Pinterest. Oooh. I must grow those!

Truth be told, I’m not a consistent gardener, nor am I always very successful one. But I’m not sure anyone appreciates the gorgeousness of fresh flowers more than I do. (I stop on my morning walk almost every day in the summer to snap a photo of the Queen Anne’s Lace growing by the path. It’s just SO beautiful!)

I didn’t think about it for very long. I just went online and purchased some dahlia tubers and planted them once the dangers of frost had passed a few months ago.

And… I’m still waiting for the blooms.

I think they’re coming. There’s lots of green. Flowers are just around the corner… I hope! (I’ll keep you posted)

I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ parable about the talents. One servant multiplied the talents he was given. He got to work, put himself out there.

Another hid the one talent he was given because he was afraid.

Do you ever skip planting something because you’re afraid?

Afraid of your limitations.

Afraid of what other people will think.

Afraid of comparison.

Afraid of the possibility of failure.

Afraid of the work.

I admit that sometimes I’m afraid of planting - especially when it comes to goals and dreams that really matter to me.

But Jesus doesn’t want us to be afraid. He’s said so many times.

He is the Master Gardener. He won’t plant for us, but He will help us tend and grow the things that are important to us.

What are you going to plant this week?

As I’m thinking about how to plant and create more of the things I want in my life, I’m doing the same with my kids as they have just started school. There’s an inspiring new meditation called Best Year Yet in our Free and Featured section on in Small Seed Still. It will help you and your kids think through what you want to create this year. There’s also a companion worksheet available for free in our shop.

We are planting and cultivating a lot of seeds here right now. Inspiring and exciting things, but things that are taking time to grow. We are grateful you’re here and hope you’ll be excited about the things that will be popping up.