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Brooke Williams

Brooke is a mother and military wife, currently overseeing all digital, website and social media endeavors for The Small Seed. After college, she spent time as a missionary in France, and recently returned from living in Japan. She has spent the past 20 years in advertising, publishing, design, content creation + social media—working with various brands and publishers. Brooke prefers watching old movies and tv shows over new ones, and also loves reading, baking, and anything to do with outer space and stars. She has split her life evenly between the East and West coast but dreams of a fixer upper with a massive flower farm in the country if she could have her way!

Brooke received a BFA in graphic design and a minor in art history from Oregon State University.

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First and foremost, I know that God is my Father and, in tandem with that, I have a Mother in Heaven. Distinct spiritual connections I have had with God through the Holy Spirit have shown me this is so and have anchored me to the gospel of Christ while I have passed through difficult trials in my life.

I truly believe in the grace and power of Christ to save—this grace is essential to me every day. I know now that I can allow Christ to show His power in my life by giving me grace to overcome my imperfections. It has lifted the burden of feeling that I need to do all the things and the need to seek constant perfection. I love my Savior and God who sent Him, for loving me enough to save me.

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I'm such a homebody! I love envisioning how old houses can be fixed up. I love watching BBC mystery shows. I enjoy slow paced life and would rather sit on a beach for a than run around a city doing things. My husband and I collect cookbooks and enjoy baking and cooking together when we have the chance. 

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Anything written by Maira Kalman

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Favorite: bacon and goat cheese salad. Least favorite: shellfish.

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Peonies and dinner-plate dahlias. Also, rosemary and all the herbs!

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I have loved seeing the response to our Peace, Be Still series on addiction recovery. These are all such powerful posts, full of honesty and hope in Christ. I have gained a stronger knowledge of how we can all learn from these principles in a recovery program. It has also strengthened my resolve to seek out and befriend those who feel on the fringes in any way so they don't get lost.

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Don't be so sure that all the things you think won't ever happen to you, won't. Because many will. And life goes on. 

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1 Corinthians 13

I was in a sorority in college and we read this chapter every week before our meetings and it has always stuck with me. Now, as I am older and have passed through my own difficulties and self-realizations, I see why love is the greatest of all things. I see why Christ taught that all the law and the prophets hung on two great commands that had to do with love. It is essential to understanding the true character of God and the way in which we should approach all relationships in our circle.

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Anything Old Testament. Isaiah. The land and customs where Christ walked so I can better understand His teachings. Also, how to teach by the Spirit and draw on the power of heaven.

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Walter Rane, especially his painting Christ at Emmaus which portrays the two persons he met while walking as a husband and wife—not the typical assumption that it was two men.

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Hugh Nibley. Chieko Okazaki. Max Lucado.

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This Is The Christ

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Kottke (hands down my #1 fave)
Apartment Therapy
Design Mom
Swiss Miss
Smitten Kitchen
SF Girl By Bay

I still follow and read so many blogs on my Feedly blog feed—so, to me, they're not dead yet! Also, I read the digital version of the New Yorker each week.

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