Captions and Copy

Need some inspiration about what to say to your audience? We’ve got you.

Below, you’ll find a few images with sample captions that can hopefully ignite your creativity spark!


Sample 1

Today, I received my copy of @thesmallseed’s Bible study guide, “A Thrill of Hope.” Written specifically for the Christmas season, this guide will walk you through the historical season of Advent, as well as 25 names for Jesus Christ that are found throughout the Old and New Testament. I’m so thrilled have the opportunity to focus on the savior more this Christmas by using this study guide. #mysmallseedadvent

Sample 2

Do you follow @thesmallseed? They produce beautiful and original study guides to help you read your Scriptures every day and increase your devotion to the Savior. For Christmas, they have created a study guide called, “A Thrill of Hope,” and it focuses on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ by listing out 25 different names that he’s called throughout the Bible. These study guides are great for personal Scripture study, but also designed especially to be studied together in small groups, with women in your own community! Make sure you grab a copy before the study officially begins on November 26th. #mysmallseedadvent



Sample 3

I’m always looking for new ways to focus more on the Savior, especially at Christmas time. This is why I’m so thankful for @thesmallseed’s new Bible study guide, “A Thrill of Hope.” It’s written and designed with busy women like me in mind, but still provides so much to ponder every day when I open my Scriptures. It’s packed full of beautiful, full-color images of Jesus Christ and includes recipes for hosting other women in my home, personal stories of other women of faith, resources and help for hosting a small group, and more. The study officially starts November 26th and I can’t wait to dig in. Make sure you get your copy so you can join us! #mysmallseedadvent