Study No. 2

A Thrill of Hope is a 5-week study
on the themes of Advent and 25 names of Christ,
running from November 26 — December 25


Within our study guides you’ll find:
space to write and take notes, tips and tools for small group study,
as well as sections designed to help you write your own story of faith,
and see how God’s Word has been instrumental in your own life.

There are several ways to participate in the study and different levels of commitment, so you can tailor your study to YOU. The options for jumping into our Advent study and reading God’s word alongside us are endless, and there’s no right or wrong way to participate! You do whatever is comfortable for you.

Whether you’re studying the Bible on your own or participating in a small group, we pray Study No. 2 will deepen your love for the Savior, and the tradition of Advent, during this holiday season.


Web Exclusive Extras


25 Names of Christ
Advent Printable

25 ornaments/tags that can be used in conjunction with Study No. 2. Print out the tags and use them as you like as we move through our daily readings.

Art Prints

Lettered art prints from Study No. 2 are available for you to download and display in your home or study space. Sized at 8x10 or 5x7 inches, the prints can be used in many ways!


Small Group Guides

Want to start a small group? Want to know what to expect as a participant? Download our free Small Group Training Guides!