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Grace, Idaho

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Kim Stoddard

Kim was raised traveling the world while her father was an orthopedic surgeon in the military. When she was in middle school, her father retired from the Air Force and started his own private practice in Southern Utah. Her childhood instilled in her a deep love of travel and diverse culture, which is a little ironic now that she is glued to the land she lives on as a farmer’s wife. Kim and her husband Jason are raising their “crop” of children (Kallie, Ty, Kennedy, and Kate) along with their potato, grain, and canola crops in Southeast Idaho. As an accidental farm girl, Kim is learning to love wide open spaces and a country lifestyle. Her deepest joys come from learning and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kim holds a Bachelors in Marriage, Family, and Human Development.

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I know God lives. He not only loves us incomprehensibly, but He also has a plan for each of us as His children. He has created this life as a way for us to learn, grow, and become. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to life and salvation here on this earth and in the life to come. These things I feel deeply in my heart to be true. I am grateful for the knowledge I have and the ability to increase knowledge and light. I believe the scriptures are the word of God. They can be a source of strength, healing, clarity, and direction. Truly my heart leaps when I think of linking arms with the faithful community here at The Small Seed to share and exemplify these messages to the world.

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Being outside with my kids, traveling with my husband, hiking, and talking on the phone with my mom.

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The Book of Mormon
The Hiding Place
Left to Tell
Bridge to Terabithia

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Favorite: curry. Least favorite: cooked carrots.

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Tree: Magnolia. Flower: Lily.

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Saint George, Utah

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Mark 10:27, Proverbs 3:5-6, 2 Nephi 25:26

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Faith, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and women in the scriptures.

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Youngsung Kim + Caitlyn Connolly

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Russell M. Nelson

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I Need Thee Every Hour
Lord I Would Follow Thee.

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With Christ, all things are possible. Watch for the patterns, follow the spirit, know that nothing is coincidental, and choose joy.