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Krista Horton

Growing up with all sisters I prided myself on making sure I was the one to mow the lawn, plays the sports, carry the coolers and catch frogs. I've always loved the outdoors and the color yellow. I played soccer, scrapbooked and spent every summer day at the pool with friends while growing up in a perfect red rock town in Southern Utah. I attended three universities and spent seven years earning my bachelor's degree (not the smartest way to do college, btw) but during those years I also left the country for full-time missionary service and later got married to my perfect match. A few months after finally earning my degree in Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah I gave birth to our first son. 8 years later, I now have four beautiful children and the same wonderful husband whom I learn from, laugh with, talk to non-stop and adore. We have moved around a few times in our 10 years of marriage but so far have kept close to the mountains that we love so much.

I am a student of parenting books, graduated in Health Education, own a small photography business, podcast about scripture study, oversee editorial content for a website and continue to be the girl that keeps doing a lot but never masters anything!

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Because life has it's ups and down and I have wrestled so much with my own feelings of inadequacy and doubt I have found that my connection to God to be my lifeline—for myself and my family. Through lots of scripture study, prayer, seeking and listening I have come to trust God and have come to feel so much gratitude for His Son who has been the key to feeling so much real peace and joy in my heart. God is good. And as we keep eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to understand He is there!

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Watching and playing soccer, hiking, cooking, reading, health, family activities, travel, watching Survivor, rollerblading, the great outdoors, and discussions with my husband.

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To Kill a Mockingbird, The Outsiders, and The Vanishing American Adult (current fave).

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All the places!

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Road to Emmaus

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Faith in families, scripture study and the power of God's word, women gaining power and purpose in their lives through faith.

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Caitlin Connoly + Minerva Teichert

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Take Time to Be Holy

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