Our Small Seed Team

Our team is composed of women of all faiths,
unified in the desire to know and love God by immersing in His Word
and empowering others to do the same.

  Callie Ashford,  Utah

Callie Ashford, Utah

  Lana Bailey,  Utah

Lana Bailey, Utah

  Marlee Bangerter,  Japan

Marlee Bangerter, Japan

  Melanie Burk,  California

Melanie Burk, California

  Kelsie Christensen,  Utah

Kelsie Christensen, Utah

  Janae Diede,  California

Janae Diede, California

  Kati Ellis,  California

Kati Ellis, California

  Heather Erickson,  Utah

Heather Erickson, Utah

  Aimee Error,  Texas

Aimee Error, Texas

  Emily Belle Freeman,  Utah

Emily Belle Freeman, Utah

  Megan Grant , New Jersey

Megan Grant, New Jersey

  Makenzie Hardy,  North Carolina

Makenzie Hardy, North Carolina

  Krista Horton,  Utah

Krista Horton, Utah

  Katie Hughes,  Utah

Katie Hughes, Utah

  Lizzy Jensen,  Connecticut

Lizzy Jensen, Connecticut

  Morgan Jones,  Utah

Morgan Jones, Utah

  Heidi Kreis,  Colorado

Heidi Kreis, Colorado

  Joy Lansing,  Virginia

Joy Lansing, Virginia

  Lauren Madsen,  Utah

Lauren Madsen, Utah

  Misty Maki,  Utah

Misty Maki, Utah

  Rebecca Robison,  Colorado

Rebecca Robison, Colorado

  Katelin Rogers,  Texas

Katelin Rogers, Texas

  Jackie Shafer,  Oregon

Jackie Shafer, Oregon

  Kim Stoddard,  Idaho

Kim Stoddard, Idaho

  Katie Thomas,  Arizona

Katie Thomas, Arizona

  Johanna Wagstaff,  Utah

Johanna Wagstaff, Utah

  Sarah West,  Utah

Sarah West, Utah

  Brooke Williams,  California

Brooke Williams, California

  Ruth Weber,  Utah

Ruth Weber, Utah

  Nish Weiseth,  Utah

Nish Weiseth, Utah