About The Small Seed

The Small Seed was started from a desire to share more about Jesus Christ. We knew that He had freely given us the most priceless gift, and couldn't imagine living life without it.

We called our non-profit the Small Seed because that's how we felt, small and simple. Along the way we've learned it's how most disciples feel. Inadequate for the amazing message we get to carry, but confident that God uses small seeds of faith to make great things happen. We've seen first hand that when we have desire to follow Jesus, He makes up the difference.

We're three friends whose greatest joy comes from making modern disciples. Why? Because we know that with Jesus, life is better. He brings more peace, purpose, joy...all the good stuff. Watching someone become a disciple is the best thing we've ever experienced. Because of this, we craft products that help people along their own disciple's path, and help them create purpose in their life with Jesus Christ’s help. 

We recognize that discipleship looks different for everyone. We invite you to use our resources and products for wherever you are on your disciple's journey.

Most of all, thank you for letting us walk this path of discipleship with you. We'll be with you every step of the way!


Kim, Lizzy, and Shauna