Are you affiliated with a specific denomination?

Small Seed is not affiliated and does not represent any church or political party. The three of us are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. One of the thing's we love about our faith is that it has emphasized to us to look for truth wherever it can be found, and we have learned so much from all Christian denominations, as well as those outside the Christian community, who worship God and live according to their beliefs. 

What do you suggest to someone who isn't very religious and/or feels overwhelmed by daily scripture study?

That's all been us at some point hasn't it? One way we think you'll love to start into a spiritual practice is in our Christian Meditation Starter Pack. We think you'll love them! Meditation is a great way to be still, see where your heart is at, work through mental blocks, and start to be more aware of the spiritual. The gratitude practice is one of our favorites, but start on any that speak to you. 

Because we get asked this question a lot, we also have this page where we share our 7 favorite Bible Study Tools! Each of the 7 tips is a great place to start if you feel overwhelmed, or are just beginning your journey.

Are you a church?

Nope! If you're looking to find a church community in your area, here's a link  to the Christian denomination we belong to, where you can find a church in your area! All our welcome. If you're nervous attending the first time shoot us an email at hello@thesmallseed.com and we'd love to cheer you on! 

You emphasize "modern disciple" a lot. What does that mean?

Thanks for the question! We feel so passionately about being Jesus' disciples, because this way of life has brought us more joy and peace than any other way. 

Modern discipleship to us means following Jesus, just like the disciples of old. That discipleship will look a little different for each of us, but we know that as we follow Him we get to be a part of the most exciting work there is!

Some who come to Small Seed haven't experienced the joy of discipleship yet, and we wrote our Discipleship Manifesto to share with them what the life of discipleship looks like--and means--to us. 

Discipleship looks different for everyone, but the one thing discipleship means for all of us is we are following Jesus. Choosing to focus on Him. Not usually perfectly, but trying little by little every day. We know that just as God helped ordinary disciples in generations past, He will make the small and ordinary in your life become significant and miraculous.

We truly believe it's disciples like you that will change the world.