Women's Mindfulness Workshop

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Are you ready to feel more peace in your life? Do you want to be able to handle life's challenges with control and faith? 

The Women’s Mindfulness Workshop is an introductory workshop that will teach you mindfulness tools through the lens of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

What you will receive by participating in this workshop: 

-Six classes focusing on several powerful and effective tools of mindfulness:

  • Meditation
  • Breath
  • Affirmation & Mantras
  • Visualization
  • Self-compassion
  • Non-judgement
  • Gratitude

-Homework challenges that will give you experiences with these powerful and effective tools to transform your life!

-Full access to The Small Seed Still Christian Meditation App for the three months you are in class. In this app you will find specific meditations created for this workshop, as well as a whole library of helpful meditations. 

-A package with your workbook and other fun surprises throughout the workshop.

-Optional coaching calls to assist you in learning how to use these tools in your personal life.

You will be taught and supported by two certified meditation teachers, Kim Stoddard & Jesika Harmon. Classes will be held 2 times a month via zoom (and will also be recorded for those who cannot attend). The the dates and times are as follows:

Tuesday, September 6th @10:00 am MDT : Breath & Meditation
Tuesday, September 20th  @10:00 am MDT : Affirmation & Mantra
Tuesday, October 4th @10:00 am MDT : Visualization
Tuesday, October 18th @10:00 am MDT : Gratitude
Tuesday, November 1st @10:00 am MDT : Self Compassion

Tuesday, November 15th  @10:00 am MDT : Non-Judgement

Feel free to send any questions to kim@thesmallseed.com.

Testimonials from past workshop participants:

"I enjoyed everything about the Women's Mindfulness Workshop! Kim and Jesika are wonderful teachers: well prepared; engaging class introductions; clear outlines and instruction; relevant visuals, stories, studies, and examples; intelligent sequencing order for each of the principles; welcoming of all comments and questions; reassuring responses, comprehensive summaries, invaluable action assignments; appropriate time-frame in which to practice; the opportunity to re-watch or re-listen to the recordings; and encouraging follow-up in between sessions." - Whitney Larson

"Everything was so good!! I loved participating in the live classes, the live meditations were so powerful as well as the content. I always felt the Spirit teaching me in amazing ways!" - Kara Richards