Christ-Centered Connection (12-Month Course)

Christ-Centered Connection (12-Month Course)


Christ-Centered Connection is a 12-month digital course catered to strengthening marriage through studying and applying the principles Jesus Christ taught and lived. If you would like to gift this program to someone, see our gift listing here.

Each month will be centered around a theme from the Savior’s teachings. You will receive access to: 

  • An insightful monthly study highlighting stories from Christ’s ministry and teachings. Each month’s themed study is prayerfully designed to lead you through evaluating and strengthening your personal relationships with Jesus Christ, your spouse, and yourself (Can be studied individually or as companionship!)

  • A beautiful, custom print that coincides with the theme of the month.

  • Practical ideas and challenges of how to incorporate the principle into your relationship and develop a more Christ-centered marriage

  • A scripture memorization card 

  • Date-night recommendation

  • Reflective questions to evaluate what you experienced that month

  • Inspiring and intentional design, spaces for you to write, and so much more!

The first month’s download will include instructions, an introduction, the study guide, as well as your choice of 6 cover options. The topics we will be covering over the year include: Unity, Grace, Prayer, Abundance, Forgiveness, Faith, Humility, Creation, Peace, Charity, Agency, and Gratitude. 


  1. By purchasing this year-long course you will immediately receive an email* with a PDF download that contains a link and password to access to a password-protected area of our website that will be updated with new Christ-Centered Connection content each month!

  2. Check the password-protected webpage on the 1st of every month for new study content.

  3. On the 15th of each month we will also post supplemental tips, ideas and resources to the password-protected webpage.

  4. If you have missed previous months or sign up for the course after March 2019, all past months and supplemental resources will be available on the password-protected webpage, so you can study starting with the first theme no matter when you purchase this subscription.

  5. We will also send out newsletter reminders about new content going up each month on the 1st and 15th, so you don’t forget to check in!

*Your PDF download in your confirmation email will expire within 24 hours of first being clicked and activated. This means that once the link in the email is clicked, you have 24 hours to download or store and save the file containing the course webpage and password information! Please contact us if you need the link reactivated to download again. The included access to the private webpage via password will never expire.

These materials are created by Kim Stoddard and Jan Clark. Designed by Melanie Burk, with special prints designed by Tosha Seeholzer, Tara Larson, and Holly Sparks.

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