Light the World (2017 version)

Light the World (2017 version)


Join us as we celebrate the life and light of our Savior, Jesus Christ, the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  Each day in this tradition features a different scripture and teaching of the Savior to help us focus on Him, and give you service ideas, activities, and create conversations around the scriptures that we read. By following His teachings, we let His light shine—in our lives and the lives of others. 

To help you keep this focus on Christ at the center of your holiday season, we've created some festive and beautiful visuals for you to use in a variety of ways!

To follow along with the scripture calendar this year (2017), our team has created ornaments with the daily scripture on them. While these ornaments are a perfect fit for the tree from last year, we've also created them with multiple uses in mind. We have also included stars in the packet, that can be so fun as a visual reminder of the service opportunities, to color and decorate, or however fits your needs best!

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