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About Small Seed

W H A T I S O U R M I S S I O N ?

Our mission is to empower women worldwide to love God’s Word, build friendships with women of all faiths, and access tools for a faith-filled life.


W H O A R E W E ?

Small Seed is an interfaith ministry that desires to know and love God by immersing in His Word and empowering others to do the same.


W H A T D O W E D O ?

At Small Seed you will find printed and digital Bible studies, daily devotionals, small group resources, and web and social media content—
all with the purpose of enabling you to better love God’s word, build friendships with women of all faiths, and access tools for a faith-filled life.


Our Mission Is To Help You...


God's Word

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Whether it’s through our exclusive Bible study guides, daily devotionals, a live small group broadcast, or any of our social media channels—our goal is to always point women to the Bible.

We pray that everything we do moves you into a deeper reverence and love for God’s Word.

Build friendships with women of all faiths

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Community and fellowship with one another is a hallmark of the faith-filled life, but often it is the thing we struggle with the most.

Whether it’s because we think we’re too busy, that others are too busy, or we feel insecure about opening up—connecting with others can be difficult.

Our hope is that the materials and resources here at Small Seed will empower and enable you to strengthen your connection and friendships with interfaith women, right where you are.

Access tools for
a faith-filled life


Whether you connect through our studies, daily devotionals, small groups, web series, stories of faith, free downloads, scripture memory tools, or products for you and your family—we’ve got you covered!

We are committed to creating content that no matter where you are, will help you deepen your faith in the Lord in big and small ways.