#5: Getting In God’s Word and Getting Something Out of It


This week we are talking all things scriptures with guest Brooke Williams and host Krista Horton. We chat on what your “why” is when it comes to getting into the word of God, as well as share tips that can help you to get more out of your study—spoiler alert: it’s more than just knowledge and creating the right environment! Whether you’re interested in trying out a new Bible translation, getting a lineup of key questions to ask as you dive into your personal study, or seeking resources on teaching children/teens, there is something for everyone in this episode and in the word of God.


  • Brooke Williams on Instagram

  • The Scripture Study Project podcast with Krista & Zach Horton

  • The Scripture Study Project on Instagram

  • Raechel Myers, co-founder of She Reads Truth

    • Quote shared by Krista: “One of the important reasons we read the Bible is to understand the broader story of who God is and how I fit into that. I believe who God is based on the evidence of His hand in my own life, but I also believe who God is based on the evidence through history and through the antiquity of His faithfulness.”

  • Scriptural mentions:

  • Swedish Method: 5 Things to Seek When You Study Scripture

    • 1 — What stuck out to you this time?

    • 2 — Did the reading raise any questions?

    • 3 — Where do you see Jesus in these verses?

    • 4 — What is the personal application to your life? What is the Spirit leading you to commit to do?

    • 5 — Who can I share this passage with?

  • She Reads Truth CSB Bible

  • Teaching Kids Scripture Study series on our blog by Krista Horton

  • Living Scriptures (online streaming service)

  • Holy Moly series (books, DVDs)

    • Check your library. Also available on YouTube and for sale on Amazon Prime Video (3 seasons reflecting Old Testament, and the New Testament in 2 parts)

Other Resources for children:

  • How to Help Your Children Read the Bible (or any scripture, I think!) via Desiring God

  • Apps to check out for kids: Bible App for Kids, My First Bible Stories for Family & Sunday School, Bible Memory Kids, Scripture Stories, First Verse—Simplified Scriptures for Families, Living Scriptures, LDS Kids Videos

Additional Scripture Study Tools

  • Other scripture study articles on our blog

  • Apps to check out for adults: Dwell Audio Bible, Blue Letter Bible, She Reads Truth, He Reads Truth, Prayer Notes: Ask, Seek, Knock; LDS Scripture Focus, LDS Ponderize, Doctrinal Warrior

  • Strong’s Concordance for the KJV Bible

  • Study guides

    • Small Seed free studies (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants)

    • Multiply Goodness studies (Bible only)

  • Isaiah Speaks to Modern Times by W. Cleon Skousen (Ensign Publishing Co)

    • Goes thru Isaiah topically and verse by verse

  • Where Jesus Walked by D. Kelly Ogden (Deseret)

    • Land and Cultures of the NT times, including chapters on geography, landscapes, roads, surrounding nations, water resources and uses, climate and weather, agriculture and livestock, herding, fishing, animal life, trading and economy

  • Jesus of Arabia: Christ Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Rev. Andrew Thompson

    • Jesus in the context of his home in the Middle East—a look at Christ’s social context as a man and Middle Easterner, plus an insight into themes like family in Arabia, gender roles in the region, food culture, etc.

  • A Companion to Your Study of the New Testament: The Four Gospels by Daniel H. Ludlow (Deseret)

    • Helps reader of the NT better appreciate and understand the many contributions of the 4 writers of the gospel message through commentaries by modern prophets and scholars. Works in tandem with resources in LDS standard works like the Bible Dictionary, etc. KJV based, but other translations are referred to. Reference list of key words and terms for better understanding the language of KJV.

  • Symbols and Shadows by Donald W. Parry and Jay A. Parry (Deseret)

    • Understanding and recognizing symbols/types/shadows around us and in scripture is what helps us remember Christ. Covers topics like ancient/modern ordinances; laws, feasts, fasts and festivals; people as types—Adam to Jonah; scripture stories—Noah’s ark to Abigail’s offering; parables of the atonement; food and color; animals; elements of earth, etc.

  • Teachings of the Book of Mormon by Hugh Nibley


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